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A positive statement of the Selection Committee implies in practice that the project has been granted funding from the Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood programme. After the meeting of the Selection Committee the applicant organisation will get an extract from the minutes which will tell whether the decision on the project has been negative or positive. The juridical financing decision will be made separately by both financing authorities.

The financing decision with its appendices shall be read carefully, because it contains valuable information regarding practical implementation of the project. A contact person has been named in the financing decision for the project. The project leader can turn to the contact person when necessary.

From the viewpoint of the financing authority the applicant is responsible for the whole project. From the applicants viewpoint, however, it is essential to ensure division of work between the cooperation partners when launching the project. An own cost unit shall be opened for the project in the accountancy. Responsibilities of the project such as all documents and financial monitoring shall be organised in a manner enabling the project leader to keep up with the projects progress and draw up necessary payment applications and reports.

A steering group will support project implementation. A good steering group consists of representatives of organisations and interest groups genuinely interested in the realisation of the project. The steering group discusses all central issues related to the project implementation, but is not legally responsible for implementation of the project.

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