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It is recommendable to reserve sufficiently time for ending of the project. Preparation of the final report and of the last payment application as well as filing of the project material takes time.

Costs generated after the project ending date mentioned in the financing decision will not be eligible!

As a general rule, the last payment application and the final report shall be submitted to the financing authority within four months from the end of the project (check the deadline in the financing decision!). The deadline is absolute.

If it appears during the project implementation period that the set objectives will not be achieved during the original implementation period, it is recommendable to find out on time whether it is possible to apply for a continuation period for the project. A continuation period can be applied for with a freeform application specifying justifications for the need of a continuation period. A continuation period, as well as other modifications, shall be applied for when the project is still going on. A continuation period or other modifications cannot be granted if the project has already ended.

The Interreg parts of all Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood programme projects shall end 31.12.2007 at the latest. No continuation period after the beginning of the year 2008 will be granted.

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