Programme (RU)

Projects (RU)

If it is discovered during the project that realisation of the project in the planned manner is not reasonable or possible, the project shall contact the financing authority and prepare for drawing up of a modification application.

The most common objects of modification include implementation period, changes between types of costs as well as significant modifications in the measures to be implemented. The modification application is of a free form, but it shall include at least a description of the modifications applied for and justifications for those modifications. When drawing up a modification application it is recommendable to be in contact with the projects supervisor/ contact person who can assist in drawing up of the application.

The projects steering group will discuss the needs for modifications, but the financing authority will have the power of decision. Modifications shall be accepted in advance prior to their realisation. No modification decisions will be made after the end of the project!

The modification application shall be signed by a person authorised to sign for the project. The application shall be submitted both to the national financing authority and to the Council of Oulu Region.

As a primary rule only one modification decision will be made per an actual financing decision. It is thus recommendable to carefully consider the needs for transfers between different types of costs also in a longer term - continuous drawing up of modification applications is in nobodys interests.

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