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The obligations of the authorities financing the projects co-funded by the EU include monitoring and guidance of the projects. Also for example the European Commission and the Court of Auditors can audit the finances and activities of the projects co-funded by the EU.

A supervisor / contact person shall be appointed for each project. The duties of a supervisor / contact person include e.g. monitoring of the projects progress, support to the realisation and interference in case of possible confusion of unclear points in the project implementation. After the end of the project the supervisor will check the project on the spot (e.g. verification of the existence of equipment acquired for the project).

Activities and cost-efficiency of the project will be monitored in connection with the payment applications. The aid granted through the Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood programme is never destined to support general activities, but to support the defined actions of the project concerned. The essential and reasonable nature of the presented costs will be verified in connection with the treatment of the payment application.

A part of the projects will be audited based on a risk analysis and random sampling. The projects can prepare for these audits by operating openly and honestly in accordance with the instructions given by the financing authority right from the beginning and by systematically filing all project documents.

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