Programme (RU)

Projects (RU)

The European Commission requires active distribution of information as well as fulfilment of the visibility and publicity principles from the projects. The objective is to support dissemination of best practices and to increase positive EU publicity. In the distribution of information it is important to mention both the projects EU funding and other financing parties as well as the most important partners and implementers. Well managed publicity also increases the participants interest in and motivation for the project activities.

The instructions concerning distribution of information issued by the Commission of the EU shall be followed in distribution of information. In practice this implies that all material produced by the project shall include the EU symbol; the flag, with the text "Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood programme" below it.

Please note these files are not offset/digitally printable. Should you need these EU symbols for your business cards or other printed matter, don't hesitate to contact us in the address info (at) euregiokarelia.fi, we'll send you the needed files.

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