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The project shall comply with the Public Procurement Act. In practice this implies that the project shall arrange an invitation to tender for all its acquisitions, regardless of the value of each acquisition.

The method for arrangement of an invitation to tender shall be chosen so that the costs of the arrangement shall not exceed the benefit gained through it. In small equipment acquisitions for example asking of the price from some suppliers and drawing up of a memo of the prices offered may be sufficient. A written invitation to tender shall always be arranged for big acquisitions.

The acquisition shall always be made with the most profitable cost. The cheapest price is not always the most profitable cost; other conditions can also be taken into consideration, such as operating costs, delivery time, and expertise of the supplier. The basis for evaluation of the tenders shall always be defined in the invitation to tender. If the basis for evaluation or the eligibility conditions have not been defined in the invitation to tender, the cheapest price shall be accepted. The invitation to tender shall be clear to enable unambiguous comparison of the tenders.

If the organisation managing the project has already arranged an invitation to tender for certain acquisitions and/or services, this already effectuated invitation to tender can be utilised.

The information service JULMA is an electric market place for public acquisitions and procurements, where one can for example inform about an invitation to tender, www.ktm.fi/julma.

For further information and instructions regarding public acquisitions, see also www.hankinnat.fi.

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