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Drawing up of payment applications is an essential part of the implementation of each project accepted to the Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood programme. The application is used to apply for payment of the EU and national aid granted to the project. Aid is paid in accordance with the percentage specified in the financing decision, based on the realised, eligible costs of the project. The aid will be paid afterwards against receipts of realised and paid costs.

Aid granted with a positive financing decision is destined to the costs generated in implementation of each project concerned. The aid is thus never meant to support the activities of an enterprise or organisation, and therefore the financing authority shall see that the granted aid is truly used to the implementation of the project.

The payment application and its appendices shall specify the actions taken in the project and the costs related to those actions. The payment application shall be clear and logical it shall be kept in mind that the person checking the application does not know the project as well as the project implementer. Concise and logical explanations will help the inspector to better understand the costs.

Actions prior to drawing up of the application

A cost unit in the accountancy, an account and a project number or some other identifier enabling distinguishing of the project costs from other accountancy of the implementing organisation shall be opened for the project when it is started. As a primary rule, aid is only granted for costs which can be justifiable proven to have been generated in the project.

It is recommended to read through the financing decision of the project before drawing up the payment application, because project funding is based on the facts described in the financing decision and its appendices. The financing decision specifies for example the implementation period and division of costs accepted for the project. It is also wise to read through the project plan, because when checking the payment application the realised costs and actions will be compared with the project plan. If, for example, a project has as its idea to teach Russian language, creation of a business network is not an eligible cost for the project concerned, although it might be eligible in some other project.

In case any questions appear regarding the economical and financial issues, such as eligible of certain costs, the project should contact the financing authority. It is easier to check things in advance and to act correctly right from the beginning than to rectify errors afterwards. Ignorance does not make costs eligible!

Drawing up of the application

The payment application shall be drawn up in the form required by the national financing authority. The payment application form is thus not necessarily the Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood programmes own form check the form to be used from the national financing authority. The ERDF aid can be paid based on an application drawn up in the form required by the national financing authority it is thus not necessary to use two forms. It shall be taken into consideration that the regulations applying to the national counterpart funding as well as the required appendices can differ depending on the financing authority concerned.

The realised costs shall be specified in the form per each cost type. The division of costs will be the easiest if the cost types in accordance with the financing decision have been taken into consideration already in the accountancy. It shall also be noted that if no money has been reserved for purchased services in the financing decision, this cost type cannot be used in the payments either. The costs of all cost types will be summed up and the projects income, such as entrance fees or participation fees, will be deducted from the costs. The aid to be paid will be calculated based on the net costs. The percentages of both the ERDF and national aid have been specified in the financing decision.

Also other realised funding shall be notified in the payment application form. In other words if for example companies have paid their own shares of financing during the payment application period, those payments shall be notified as realised financing. All financing to the project shall go through the applicants accountancy!

The payment application shall be signed by a person authorised to sign for the organisation concerned, whereas the contact person in payments should be a person who can best answer to possible further questions regarding the payment application.

The steering group shall treat and accept the payment application before its submission to the financing authority for checking. The payment application shall be written down in the agenda and minutes of the meeting as its own paragraph.


The appendices required for the payment application vary to some extent depending on the national financing authority concerned, but at least the following appendices are always required to the payment application:

  • Nominal ledger of the accountancy. Enclose also the so called nominal ledger key shortly explaining each receipt.
  • Interim report describing the projects progress for the time period for which the payment is applied.
  • Minutes of the steering groups meeting

If the appendices are missing, no payment can be effectuated.

Treatment of payment applications

The signed payment application with its appendices shall be submitted to the national financing authority. The national financing authority will check the payment application for their part and ask further information from the applicant if necessary. There is no need to be scared in case of further questions, because payment applications are only rarely accepted without asking for any further information.

After having checked the payment application, the national financing authority will submit the application to the Council of Oulu Region, where the application will be revised one more time. Also at this stage further information may be asked from the project implementer.

After checking the payment decision will be signed and the aid paid to the applicants account. The Council of Oulu Region will pay the ERDF aid and the national financing authority the national aid.

Be prepared for reasonable delays in the treatment of the payment application.

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