Programme (RU)

Projects (RU)

Reporting aims at producing information about the projects results and actions taken. The Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood programme requires an interim report, annual follow-up forms and the projects final report enclosed in the payment applications. All reports shall be treated and accepted in the steering group.

The Interim report shall be drawn up for the same time period as the payment application and enclosed in the payment application as an appendix. The interim report includes a short description of the actions and results of the reported period, an estimate regarding realisation of the costs when compared with the cost estimate in the project plan, an action plan for the next reporting period as well as an evaluation of the steering group regarding the projects progress and appropriateness of the continuation actions.

The follow-up form shall be filled in and returned once a year by the 31st of January to the Technical Secretariat. The follow-up form asks about numeric result data and it is filled in cumulatively. After the end of the project a follow-up form including the information of the whole project shall be delivered to the financing authority.

The final report is a prerequisite for paying of the last part of the development aid. The final report includes e.g. the projects objectives and their realisation as well as central actions and results, realisation of the projects financing, publicity and distribution of information as well as deviations and problems in project implementation.

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